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Catching Dreams & Catching Vomit...In Your Hands

In my daydreams, I play the hero. This is how I pass the time. I know. It is so lame. But I think there is a part of us that wants that hero moment. There is a part of me that wants to know I'll do the right thing, if that moment were to happen.

Taking kids into a public restroom is hell on earth!

"Does anyone need to use the bathroom?"

Picking Up My Kids from School is My Favorite Time of Day

I'm the pick-up dad. My work shift ends around 1, so I get the kids when school is done . It is me, a handful of dads and grandparents, and lots of amazing moms. It's probably my best social time of the entire week.

To Actually Love, You Need to Focus on the Moment

Do you love your family? Of course you do. Do you love them "each day"? I thought I did. I was wrong.

He Pooped and I Screamed

I yelled at my son for pooping. In the bathroom. On the toilet. I yelled at my son for pooping in the bathroom, on the toilet. I was freaking tired.

I Lied to my 6 year old.

It was time to leave the house but there was stiff resistance. There wasn't kicking and screaming, but there was pleading, dragging of feet, and most of all, excuses. And that wasn't from the kids. It was me - their dad.

All My Money Goes to 7-11. But There, I Buy Memories!

I keep 7-11 in business. Not literally. But maybe I do. I don't see their books. Maybe me and my three boys are keeping them in the black. How often do we go to 7-11?