All My Money Goes to 7-11. But There, I Buy Memories!

I keep 7-11 in business. Not literally. But maybe I do. I don't see their books. Maybe me and my three boys are keeping them in the black.

How often do we go to 7-11?

We go about 2-3 times during a school week. Is that too much?

What do we get at 7-11? Sometimes a candy. Sometimes a drink. On days I'm feeling it, "You can get a drink and a treat today."

Is that too junky?

Judge away, but Merry grabbed me by the arms.

What? Who is Merry?

Merry is my friend. She's in her 80s and I get to hang out with her when I'm picking up the kids from school. She's picking up her granddaughter.

Dylan was in 2nd grade and Carter in kindergarten. It was 2:40 and I spot Merry in her usual spot under the shade and near the car line. We hug. I ask about her husband, whose health is failing. I make a joke about her daughter and son-in-law, great people who are good friends too.

Merry tells me she is taking her granddaughter to Panera after school. They'll do a little homework there and get a treat. I share with her we are going to 7-11.


She notices my tone. I explain I go too much. I like to go, not just for the kids, but for myself. I want a coffee. I need an afternoon pick-me-up. I'm exhausted. If it wasn't frowned upon, I could fall asleep right on the surface of the parking lot well, not to mention the asphalt is scorching hot.

"We go almost every other day," I explain. "I need to cut back," I lament. "We could find something healthier at home. I'm spending too much there. It adds up, you know."

That's when Merry grabs me by my arms.

"Brian. You take them to 7-11 after school. Do not stop taking them."

Shaking my arms, she reasserts, "You take them Brian. THIS is what they will remember."

She's in her 80s. She knows.

"I remember when Dad used to take us out for treats after school," they'll one day say.

Do we go to 7-11 too much?

Maybe we don't go enough.

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  1. I agree with Merry. It is never too much to take you kids to 7-11 or any other place to make memories. Merry is tight, it is the small things that your children will remember and cherish. We all need a perk after a day of work or school!

  2. Love this! Merry is so right. These are those special moments...the rituals of childhood that will warm them when they are adults. Even more so when they repeat them with their own children. I remember when my mother would take my brother and I to a zippy mart every Friday after school to pick up a treat...and for a slurpee after we had to have shots. And now, I have a similar ritual with my Anna and it is even more special because it reminds me to my childhood and my mother's kindness. Also creates opportunities for the best conversations.

    1. You are the best dad in the world. you should be chosen the greatest Father of the the year, And given Emmy award. Gof bless you and your Beautiful boys.

  3. Never stop my friend. Merry is right.. THIS is what they will remember! Let them take your money!

  4. Wonderful story, memories, and Dad!! Every kid would be so lucky to have a dad take them to 7-11 for a treat and how lucky are you to have Merry.

  5. Make memories to last them a lifetime

  6. Replies
    1. (Maryann Zaccone) You are one of the best dad in the world. You should be given an Emmy award for the best Father of the year.God Bless you and your handsome boys.. (Maryann Zaccone)

  7. I have fond memories of going to make copies at Kinko's early on Sunday mornings for church. Me, dad, and old radio show replays on the radio. Very fond memory.

    As a fellow dad, yeah it's easy to overthink and analyzebut our time is short and they need that time...get a slurpee while they are young!

    1. This sounds like a special memory. If you want to send some more info my way, I'd love to do a blog post on your memory with you. No big deal though - whatever you want to do! That just sounds like such a good memory! If you want to, email me: Either way, thank you for sharing!

  8. Merry is right!! DO NOT STOP BRIAN!! When my kids were little I did things my parents never did. I wanted to be a diffrent kind of parent. Making a childs day is so simple and its is the simple things like 7-11 Dad time that they will forever remember. I went to market once a week with my oldest son while My daughter was is in school. I always got him what he called big boy prize for being good. Did sa e with my daughter and then my youngest. I always took the three with me after my youngest son came along. Ages 8,3, new born in toe. I never had issues and got compliments of how good my kids were thru the yrs. Now my daughter has two little girls and does the little family traditions I did with her and the boys. Be proud Brian! Before ya know it, those boys will be making special trips and makin special nemories with their kids all because of you......
    P.s. My oldest granddaughter stayed with us when she was 4yrs old for a summer and every other day Nana took her to Dunkin Donuts so this Nana could get some iced java and the nugget would get a dounut. Hehehe
    Heather Reiss

    #Makingmemories #AwesomeDad #MERRYISRIGHT

    1. Yes to all of this! "Hi" to the family! #MerryIsRight


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