Driving Pet Peevess

These are driving me crazy! Left-lane cloggers & non-turn signal users aside, here are some less obvious driving pet peeves...

#1: Turning around where you shouldn't!
You missed your turn. You missed your exit. For the love of God, just keep going! But what do you do? You panic. As if there is no alternative, you come to a halt and attempt a U-turn where it isn't wide enough for a U-turn. You end up doing a horrifically slow 3-point turn, and you are blocking traffic in both directions.

The worst? Backing up on the highway because you blew past your exit. By doing this, you are risking instant death.

Solution: Just keep going! Turn on the next street or exit. It isn't as if missing your exit means you will plunge off the earth.

#2: Hazards in the rain.

Don't put your hazards on while driving in the rain. Hazards are for a disabled vehicle, so if you have your hazards on, we can assume you stopped/broke down - which isn't the case.

Solution: Don't put your hazards on while driving in the rain.

#3: 4 way stops. Wasn't this Driver's ED 101?

Didn't we learn to take turns when we were like 3 years old?

If you didn't get there first, you need to wait your turn. It isn't rocket science. 

I know many of you feel my pain on this one.

Solution: At a four-way stop, the first vehicle to stop should proceed first. If there is a dramatic tie, the driver on the left yields to the one on the right.

#4: Stopping at a yield for no reason. 

I get it. You may have to stop, which is why there is a yield sign. But a yield sign that looks like this is NOT a stop sign:

Solution: Slow down, but you do NOT stop if no one is around. Again, it is a yield sign, not a stop sign.

#5: Not pulling over for emergency vehicles.

Someone is dying, yet you can't pull over? It is absurd.

Solution: Pull over. Oh, and as you go again, be a good driver friend and let other cars back in.

#6: Turning right to go left.

You are driving a car. A car. Not an oversize 50-wheel vehicle. If you are turning left, you don't need to swing right first to make the turn. It is a car! There is no reason for this!

Solution: To turn left, turn left.

#7: Not stopping for school buses.

Are you trying to run over children? Is what you are doing so important, that you don't care about little kids? This one is so, so painful. It is such a disregard for others.

Solution: Stop. Don't be a knucklehead.

#8: Slowing down because you don't know where you are going.

If you don't know where you are going, this does not give you the right to tap the breaks every two seconds and slow everyone else down.

Solution: If lost, PULL OVER.

#9: Driving fast because you are late.

I get it. You are late. We've all been there. But you are driving a couple ton heap of metal. Once you put it into drive, if you are running late, consider yourself already late. Don't make up time at the expense of your safety and the safety of others.

Plus, how many times have you seen a car zip around you, only to pull up next to them at a light? You really aren't making up as much time as you may think.

Solution: Drive with care, under all circumstances.

#10: Being annoyed by work vehicles.

A delivery truck is double parked - so what! They are working. I see many drivers get frustrated at work vehicles. Be considerate. They are doing their jobs.

This goes for flag men/women and constructions sites. It is not their fault if they cause a brief delay. These workers are our friends and neighbors. Kindness counts!

Solution: Be courtesy to work vehicles. Give them space. Give them time to operate.

Honorable Mention: 

~ At a red light, stopping 5 car lengths from the car in front of you. What's the mindset here?

~ Making up your own rules: Waving someone to go who does not have the right away.

What are your driving pet peeves? Leave them in the comment section below!

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  1. Not pulling up to the line at a red light to trigger the sensor to change the light!!!

  2. ARGH!
    1. When people don't use their turning signals.
    2. When people don't know how to park backwards.. but yet they try--- holding up EVERYONE behind them.

  3. That people do not know how to use acceleration lanes and turn in the travel lane after their stop. Now they are slowly getting up to speed while cutting off other drivers. I get crazy looks when I make my right turn in the lane to get up to the posted speed.

  4. People who don't turn their headlights on at dusk. I've seen so many vehicles, especially BLACK ones, without their lightson after dark!!! Almost got hit by one late one night. After he got past me and stopped at a red light, I saw him turn his headlights on. I could have been killed!


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