To Actually Love, You Need to Focus on the Moment

Do you love your family? Of course you do.

Do you love them "each day"? I thought I did. I was wrong.

My friend, Jim, went to bed one night with his wife. He woke up. His wife didn't.

I expressed my sorrow. He shot back that he will be okay. His wife is in a better place. He and his young daughter will get through this. Then he told me this: "Love your family each day."

He clarified, "Brian, love your family EACH DAY. Each one of them. Each day."

"Jim, what are you talking about?"

"Take a moment to actually love them. Make it extra. Just a moment. Because you never know."

Okay. I see.

Saying "I love you" has become part of the routine. We do mean it, but we are saying it on the fly.

We all run such hectic lives. Take a moment.

Each day my kids get an extra squeeze. I stop thinking about the what I just did or what I am going to do next. I break free of the routine and distractions, and love them.

It takes just a second.

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  1. Very sad sorry ! It is true you should always tell your love ones I love you in every opportunities you have! You should never go to bed angry with your parents or your wife/ husband, your children, your neighbor because you don't know if that's the last time you will see them.You will never get a second chance to say I love you. MZ.


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