I'm an Idiot. My kid didn't know what a hamburger was.

"Did you like the food they had at camp?" Aimee asked Carter.

Carter responded, "I liked it. But I didn't like their cheeseburgers."

That was odd, because Carter loved cheeseburgers. 

However, he said the cheese wasn't melted  rather they had slices you could just put on as a topping. Understandable. I don't like that either.

But then Aimee asked, "Well, why did you get the cheese? You could have had a hamburger."

Carter, always the joker, responded, "I never had a hamburger before. I'm not sure I'd like ham on top of my burger."

Funny guy. We laughed. A lot.

And then we realized he wasn't laughing. 

Our rising 4th grader didn't know what a hamburger was. But why would he? No one ever explained it to him. He enjoyed cheeseburgers, so he never explored having a "ham" burger.

We felt some serious parent guilt for laughing.

Even as adults, we learn new things all the time...

If I'm at an event or a buffet, and they have a meat and cheese section, I'm a happy man. Upon returning from an event I emceed, a co-worker asked me about the food. I mentioned the meat tray. And she said, "Oh, a charcuterie." To that, I responded, "Yup."

Why in the world did I respond with a "Yup"?

I had no idea what a charcuterie was, but I played along. Have you even done that? I don't know why I do that sometimes. Pride? Embarrassment of not knowing something I think I should know? Ease of the conversation? 

However, right when that conversation ended, I did what anyone would do — I Googled it.

Along the same line, I was reading an article about a big event with all the top names in Hollywood, fashion, and music. It's called Coachella. The article made me feel like an idiot. It never explained what it was. It assumed I should know, and if I didn't, well, I was what I thought I was... an idiot.

At first, I thought Coachella was a purse. It sounded fancy. But I don't think TMZers would be headed to a purse. That made little sense.

I was about to Google it, but my friend Vanessa walked into our TV studio. In my mind, she knows everything (she does). I asked her. I don't mind being a moron around her, because we're good friends.

She said she recently found out what that was too. It's a big music event or something. She knows me and implied that it was okay I didn't know. 

It's funny the things you realize you don't know as you go along in life. We all have those moments, be it a hamburger, or a tray of meat, or a giant purse festival with famous people.

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  1. Hi! Good afternoon, MZ here . I can't believe you never told your 4th grader what a hamburger was , wow! Poor thing, well I am with him Cheeseburgers should have the cheese melted. You just don't throw it on top of the burger 🍔. Next time he will know what a hamburger 🍔 is.no cheese just a bun with meat, lol .you shouldn't had felt like an idiot, because I never knew what a Coachella was till now .well thank you for this story it was a nice story.it made me 😃 smile.till next time.Have a great afternoon.

    1. I like Idiot better than euphemism. Although it has a lots of meanings .it also means pass away, died, ignorance, but you don't have to use any of them.lol Beause you are not an Idiot. So you are going to ask Carter whats a 🍔 hambur

  2. Yes, I think we have all done that at least once in our lifetime. Nothing wrong with it. Thank goodness for Google though. I remember having to look it up in the dictionary or encyclopedia. Kids today have no idea what they are. Showing my age again. As always I enjoy your thoughtful posts.

  3. Google is my best friend as an old person, trying to keep up with the kids these days. Also, a cheeseburger has cheese, a turkey burger is made of turkey, a salmon burger is made of salmon, a veggie burger is made of veggies, why wouldn't a hamburger have/be made of ham?? I'd say his reasoning checks out. We take for granted what we know, I don't remember being told what a hamburger is but at some point I was told. Just one of those things that feels like we've "always known".

  4. Wait... did I make the charcuterie comment? Lol can’t be, that’s a hard one for me to say! ... although I have practiced it a lot using google pronunciation. 🤣🤣

  5. Always so truthful and sincere...…..that's our Carter:)


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