Microwaving Ice Cream? 5 Time-Saving Tips for the Kitchen

I don't like wasted time in the kitchen. I can cook, but I don't particularly like it. It falls under the "chore" category. However, these 5 things have made my life easier in the kitchen, especially when the hangry boys come calling!

1.) The Ice Cream Spork! 

I cannot stand waiting for ice cream to get soft enough to scoop. I'm not a fan of running the scooper under hot water either - that only works for a scoop or two. I occasionally microwave it for about 10 seconds, just to soften it.

You really need something to dig into the ice cream without stabbing yourself to death. That's when I did a Google search and I found ice cream spork scoopers. And they work!

2.) Mason Jars

A nod to my sister, Tricia, for this one. If you don't like plastic drinking cups, these are a great alternative. They rarely break. We haven't had a break yet.

Now, only if I could get my kids to pick up a glass right when they spill it. Don't you just love how they sit there and watch the rest of the milk pour out?!

3.) Flat Handheld Strainer/Colander

My middle child could eat pasta for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On some days, he does! We love pasta in the Shields household.

With a handheld strainer, I can just hold it to the pot and let the boiling water come out. What I like about it, is that it is a quick clean. I can handwash it in seconds or throw it in the dishwasher — it takes up much less space than a traditional bowl colander.

4.) The "Dirty/Clean" Magnet for the Dishwasher

This takes the guesswork about whether the dishes are clean or dirty. For most, we can tell with a quick glance. However, with kids and Hangry Dads around, not everyone looks before throwing something in.

5.) Scissors! 

A nod to my friend, Kristin, for this one. When the kids were younger, we would bring scissors to restaurants. Odd, right?

I never thought about how versatile culinary scissors could be.

Pizza places can kid-cut slices for you, but at home, the cheese often slid off. The scissors are a sure thing. We use them on meat, too. It's just easier and much, much quicker, to cut things up in little bits.

I know these things aren't new (well, maybe the ice cream spork is), but these are my go-to kitchen time savers! They prevent many hangry outbreaks in the Shields kitchen!

What are your tips? Leave them in the comment section below!

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  1. Pizza cutter for cutting pancakes...or waffles. You're welcome.

  2. My dishes washer is stainless steel on the front so magnets don’t work for me. I put the soap in the dispenser AFTER I put the clean dishes away so that when I open the door I can easily see that the dishes haven’t been washed. ☺️��
    Love your hangry dad info. Where does your wife work?

    1. AH! That is a great idea for a stainless steal one! My wife, she's a civil engineer. I am not sure exactly what she does, but she is really, really smart :)


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