Sibling Bonds

Grady missed Carter terribly.

Carter spent the week at overnight camp, so Grady didn’t have his partner around.

At bath time, Aimee asked Grady what he liked best about Carter. Grady’s response had us speechless.

“When I’m with Carter, I feel safe.”

That’s a heavy statement from a 6-year-old. That’s quite the compliment.

Grady is Carter’s shadow. They’re bunk bed roommates. Grady is on the top, and Carter is below. Grady doesn't like going to bed if Carter isn't there.

When Grady started kindergarten, he had a very difficult time adjusting. Carter would come to his class to comfort him.

Grady is drawn to Carter's cool confidence. Grady will go on any rollercoaster Carter does. Grady trusts him.

Carter and Grady are best friends. They share something special.

Meon the other hand, I hated my brother.

My closest sibling in age, Mike, was 3 grades ahead of me.

“I wish you were dead,” is probably something that came out of my mouth when we were little.

We shared a room. I hated that.

I hated sharing that room with him — unless I was sick. Or scared.

If there was a thunderstorm in the middle of the night, I could see Mike when the lightning flashed. He made me feel... safe.

I still wanted him dead by sun-up.

In junior high, we moved. It was a tricky time for both of us. We only knew each other. If he wasn’t there to go to the movies, shoot hoops, or threaten to leave the family for making us move — I don’t know what I would have done.

I was finally thankful he wasn’t dead.

When I started high school, he was a senior. He kept an eye on me.

He drove his little brother to school each day. Oddly, he didn’t seem to mind.

When he went to college, it was lonely.

He paved the way for me.

Now, we live different lives in different parts of the country, but we text each other - every single day.

I know exactly how Grady feels. I felt it too.

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  1. Beautiful! You have a wonderful way of sharing. I'm glad your some have each other and I'm glad you have your big brother!

  2. Such a beautiful and sweet story. It's wonderful that Grady and Carter have such a close bond! 💖


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