A King Size Bed Keeps Our Marriage Strong

The secret to a happy marriage is a king size bed.

"It's like you're not even there," my wife did not say, but I assume she's thinking.

We have all the space we need. Check that — she has all the space she needs. But this is good because we have different sleeping styles.

She's an avid bed maker and I'm a sheet-kicker-outer.

I am not sure why anyone makes a bed. What's the point? So long the bed is clean, why make it? You are just going to get into it and mess it up.

She insists on making it because she likes to get into a bed that needs no adjustment. To her credit, she has skills. She can make a bed with a hotel-style flare. And when she wakes up and gets out of it, it almost looks like the bed made itself. Does she move at all when she sleeps?

I'm the opposite.

I know I drive her crazy when I hop into bed. Why? Because the first thing I do is set my feet free. I kick out the sheet and blanket on the bottom. I mess up the perfectly made bed.

But, oh, my feet — they now have options. I can cover them. I can uncover them. I can regulate my temperature with ease.

Her poor feet. Confined. Smothered. Why would she limit her options like that?

Our sleeping differences are great, but so is our bed. 

Thank you, king size bed.

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  1. I totally support your wife and she gets me. You should hang out with my husband. It's like he and you are the same. :)

  2. I do the same thing and after 45yrs of marriage she has given up on complaining about it.

  3. I’m like you Brian. If my feet get hot, I can’t breathe.

  4. Totally agree. We've had a king size bed for about 20 of our 30 years married. We are just like you & your wife...except I'M the one who cannot be confined!! I'll go crazy. He on the other hand, needs at least 2 blankets & sometimes socks. I'd die of asphyxiation if I EVER wore socks or heavy blankets in bed!!! Love the king sized bed & having my own zip code. In fact we were just talking last week to upsize to a Cali King �� Love your blog!!

    1. If you get the Cali King, let me know how it goes!!

  5. Literally the tale of my husband and I heading into year 6 of marriage!

  6. I'm with your wife! I make our bed every day because I like getting into a neat bed. My side of the bed looks like nko one has slept there and his side of the bed looks like I never bothered to even make an attempt at maki ng it! Also, I'm not a fan of king sized beds, my husband would tell you that we have a twin bed because I always make my way over to his side and stay glued to him!


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