Time is the greatest gift we can give our kids

It was the end of an intense basketball game, made more draining by the lack of air conditioning. I was the coach.

I was feeling good about myself, which is usually a recipe for disaster. 

The kids played well. My post-game speech was inspiring.

While I dished out words of wisdom, a little boy tugged at my leg. I nudged him off because, after all, I was busy changing my players' lives forever — I was dropping knowledge! Grady, my youngest son, was impeding my greatness. "Get off my leg, little man. Now isn't the time."

The post-game huddle ended. Again, I felt great. Proud. #BestCoachEver

I looked over at half court. There was my little Grady, balled up in tears. #WorstDadEver

All Grady wanted to do was give me a picture. During the game, he was making lots of little pictures for me. He was doing this to pass the time, so his dad could coach other children — and he was waiting patiently the entire game to give a picture to me. 

Of course, there are times your kids need to wait patiently. However, the game was over and my post-game "speech" was unnecessarily long and egotistical. And, I ignored my favorite little buddy.

I should have snatched him up and hugged him. It wasn't easy for this 5-year-old to wait that long for "dad time" — and he did such a good job.

I keep that picture in the center console of my car. It is my daily reminder to focus less on myself, my ego, my desires. It is my reminder to not let the hectic routine get the best of me.

Thank you, little buddy, for the reminder.

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  1. Gee, and here I thought is was the wife that sends us guys to the dog house. It's tough with your schedule to dedicate time to the kids but it won't last. Wait until they are in middle school, or worse, high school, and don't want anything to do with parents. (Been there and done that with both daughter and grandsons)

    1. I will come to you for advice during those years - We will need it!! :)

    2. Hi this is MZ. What a great trooper of a son you have.he is such a darling .He really loves his daddy. This is the sweetest story yet. I really enjoyed reading this nice story. Nice picture he drew for his daddy.Good job dad you are also a trooper. This is all for now, till your next story bye for now.

  2. Gramps and I were so HAPPY to see that you saved that little picture from Grady. We were at that game and we'll always remember how long he worked on that little piece of paper. He was proud of it and we know that your saving it will always be special to him..🙂


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