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The After-School Ride Home is Full of Screams and Tears

It was like a scene from the movie Despicable Me 2 .... Actual Photo of Grady Leaving School I picked up Dylan, Carter, and Grady from school. They waved to friends, chatted it up, and giggled. We hopped in the car.   Carter made a joke. Grady laughed so hard that tears ran down his face. And then, without warning, Grady attacked Carter.

I Dumped the Kids on My Wife

It was a long day and Aimee worked late. I couldn’t wait for her to get home. I was cooked ! Even before she got home, I was getting ready for bed. I have an early bedtime, since I work as a morning weatherman. I heard the mini-van approach and the garage door go up. I smelled the freedom of a good night's sleep.

The Wobbly Pee-er

He came in to get me in the middle of the night. "Dad, I think I'm wet." Oh, you think? You're soaking wet. And you smell. Then I notice something else...

I Didn't Ask For a Religion!

I didn't ask to get baptized. I didn't ask to be Christian. Why didn't I get to choose? What kind of raw deal is this? I do  like Christmas, though.

I Wanted 10 Kids. She Did Not!

I wanted 10 kids! Seriously. I also wanted to stay married, so something had to give. "You and your body can go right ahead and have those 10 kids!" my wife did not say, but I am sure she thought. Most people (that have kids!) have 2-3 kids. Many grow up thinking about the number of kids they want. I suppose this is harmless. However, down the road, the "real world" (and the Big Fellah upstairs) might have different plans for us. And maybe kids isn't in the cards at all — for whatever reason. Several of our close friends had trouble having children. A few of our friends had heartbreaking stories, none of which I want to go into in a blog post. Some of those friends were  blessed with children, while others didn't have any. Those that didn't, unfortunately face a societal stigma which is so, so unfair. They hear the whispers: "I wonder why they don't have any kids. I wonder what's wrong ." Frankly, it's none of ou