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I Wanted 10 Kids. She Did Not!

I wanted 10 kids! Seriously. I also wanted to stay married, so something had to give.

"You and your body can go right ahead and have those 10 kids!" my wife did not say, but I am sure she thought.

Most people (that have kids!) have 2-3 kids.

Many grow up thinking about the number of kids they want. I suppose this is harmless. However, down the road, the "real world" (and the Big Fellah upstairs) might have different plans for us. And maybe kids isn't in the cards at all — for whatever reason.

Several of our close friends had trouble having children.

A few of our friends had heartbreaking stories, none of which I want to go into in a blog post.

Some of those friends were blessed with children, while others didn't have any. Those that didn't, unfortunately face a societal stigma which is so, so unfair. They hear the whispers: "I wonder why they don't have any kids. I wonder what's wrong." Frankly, it's none of our business and it doesn't matter.

Some couples can conceive just by looking at each other. They are blessed.

Some couples struggle to have one. They are blessed.

Some adopt. They are blessed.

Some don't have children. They are blessed. And, by the way, that couple IS a family.

In the meantime, I'll hold onto hope I'll have 10 kids. And Aimee tells me to stay positive. She tells me I may one day have 10 — with my next wife.

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  1. Hello! Good evening! MZ here, I hope you are having a nice evening along with your lovely family. Well where can I start, Brian have you ever thought of how expensive life is.10 children, I am sorry I am laughing by myself here, ok have you ever thought about their education, their clothing cost, I mean maybe you might be able to afford it, and maybe they will be smart enough to get a free schoolarship.that would help .I don't deny that they are not smart cause I am sure they are , having a smart dad like you, have to think of their education which is very costly. but still the cost of life is to high.their school, their books, their clothing cost. And then they will start asking for money or dad would you buy me this, but me that.Naaaa 10 is just to much.just think about it.and than again if you do well God bless you and more power to you. 👌 I guess till the next time.Have a goodnight pleasant dreams.sorry if I mispelled anything. Goodnight Brian.

  2. Hey Brian. I always thought the same way. I thought a bunch of kids would be great. Then the realization of providing for them in the manner I was accustomed to living and wanting them to be able to have the same experiences I did as a kid was not going to happen having a bunch. So we settled with two. I still wonder what it would have been like to have more. Like your wife, mine said two was enough. Knowing the time you spend with your children now it would be hard to give that same individual attention to ten of them without cutting them short on all the knowledge you are trying to pass on to them. You have a beautiful family and are luckier than some so cherish and thank the Lord for the wife and children you have. As always, I enjoyed the post.

    1. Thank you for your kind words - and have a great weekend. Talk to you soon!


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