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I Dumped the Kids on My Wife

It was a long day and Aimee worked late. I couldn’t wait for her to get home. I was cooked!

Even before she got home, I was getting ready for bed. I have an early bedtime, since I work as a morning weatherman.

I heard the mini-van approach and the garage door go up. I smelled the freedom of a good night's sleep.

When she hit that door, I made my move. It was a quick “hello” and then upstairs to bed.

Some days, this is fine. Aimee is beyond helpful with my odd schedule. She reminds me that sometimes I need to shut it down and get some sleep. But this day, I assumed I could just disappear into the abyss of my bed. 

I assumed wrong. Big time.

Aimee had a very long day. I failed to see this. And, to that point, I didn't text her I was trying to sneak up to bed early. She came home tired, hungry, and faced a bedtime routine with the three kids.

She wasn’t happy, and neither was I.

It’s all about expectations. 

She expected to come home for a breather — and food.

I expected to go to bed.

The lesson here is to always expect the worst.

Just kidding.


I could have solved all of this with a simple call or text. I could have asked my wife how her day was. 

I didn't do any of that. I just dumped the kids on my wife and went upstairs.

That night, I didn't have a restful night's sleep — that's for sure!

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  1. Hello this is me MZ, well I guess you are probably sleeping since you have to get up in a few hours , well it is true Communications is the best way to a ease a hard day. You should had text Aimee and ask her about her day and if she is coming home late.You should had picked up some food for you your boys and saved Aimee some. Left her a note next to the food you left in the microwave .hello honey I am happy you are home safe .I am sorry I didn't wait up for you but I was very tired since you know I get up early.the boys are fed, bathe and all asleep.I hope you like what I bought you to eat.I will be asleep but you can kiss me goodnight and I love you too. See how simple that was. Now everyone is happy , and you were able to get some sleep. A lesson well-learned. This is all for now .I wish you a goodnight pleasant dreams. And be safe getting to work in the morning. Goodnight Brian...MZ..


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