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The After-School Ride Home is Full of Screams and Tears

It was like a scene from the movie Despicable Me 2....
Actual Photo of Grady Leaving School

I picked up Dylan, Carter, and Grady from school. They waved to friends, chatted it up, and giggled. We hopped in the car.  

Carter made a joke. Grady laughed so hard that tears ran down his face. And then, without warning, Grady attacked Carter.

What in God's name made my 6-year-old snap? He was just laughing so hard his face turned red.

Have you seen a movie with Minions? Minions are yellow, carefree, and loving. In the movie Despicable Me 2, some Minions receive a serum that turns them into purple monsters. That was Grady. He went from a yellow Minion to a purple demon.

Actual Photo of Grady Upon Arriving Home

What we have here is the classic After-School Explosion!

Reasons for an after-school explosion:

1.) They're tired. The kids just went non-stop for 8 hours. They, too, had a long day.

2.) They're hungry. Yes, they get a snack and lunch, but they burn it off quickly.

3.) They've been holding "it" in all day. This is the biggest reason! Think about it: They have pressure to be good and do well for 8 straight hours. You (mom and/or dad) are their safe zone. They have to keep it together at school, but they can lose it around you.

Aimee and I often ask ourselves, "Why are the kids good for other people but not for us?" Well, that's why. We are their release. They can throw a few punches (figure of speech — except in Grady's case) and we love them, regardless.

The After-School Explosion is the worst at the beginning of the school year. Getting in the routine is tough! So, for parents of kids just starting school: Buckle up! The ride home and ensuing hours can be full of irrational outbursts — purple Minion style!

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  1. Good afternoon Brian! Nice tie you wore it well. I just wanted to say that before I forgot .Well the boys have a long stressful day just like mom and dad.they also get worn out, just like grown ups.and thinking that they still have a few months to go.the joke might not had been very funny but he was tired and he was letting out all the boredom .so it was good that he finally felt released.. You have great smart boys Brian.I know you are proud of them .I know I am and I don't even know them personally.well I guess I will sign out for now, I have to get back to work.So till the next Hangry dad have a great afternoon and enjoy your time with your boys , remember they grow really fast. MZ

  2. I meant relieved.sorry I misspelled anything

    1. They are growing fast for sure! Have a great day!


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