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Sports Is Not His Thing

Carter's buddy invited him to a University of Central Florida football game. We weren't sure he'd want to go, but he did. "Dad. It's one of my best friends. I'll have fun no matter what." I wasn't so sure. Carter doesn't particularly like sports. At all. It's just not his thing. That's fine by us, but it is new territory. Aimee and I grew up playing sports. Our childhood memories centered on big wins, close losses, and friends we forged through sports. Sports taught us life lessons. Team sports are valuable, but we haven't put emphasis on them. As parents, we focus on being involved, but that doesn't mean it has to be through sports. With that said, we encourage our boys to be physically active, so they're healthy.  But sports — not necessarily. They aren't for everyone. And they surely aren't for Carter — at least right now. Before Carter left, I worried he didn't know what he was getting into. My overprote