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Sports Is Not His Thing

Carter's buddy invited him to a University of Central Florida football game. We weren't sure he'd want to go, but he did.

"Dad. It's one of my best friends. I'll have fun no matter what."

I wasn't so sure.

Carter doesn't particularly like sports. At all. It's just not his thing. That's fine by us, but it is new territory. Aimee and I grew up playing sports. Our childhood memories centered on big wins, close losses, and friends we forged through sports. Sports taught us life lessons.

Team sports are valuable, but we haven't put emphasis on them. As parents, we focus on being involved, but that doesn't mean it has to be through sports. With that said, we encourage our boys to be physically active, so they're healthy.  But sports — not necessarily. They aren't for everyone. And they surely aren't for Carter — at least right now.

Before Carter left, I worried he didn't know what he was getting into. My overprotective side kicked in. I explained (in too much depth) what they'd be doing. I told him about tailgating (he'd like that). I alerted him it would be loud, and he might have trouble seeing (he has eye issues to begin with). I cautioned it would be about 3 hours — and if he wasn't into it, he'd have to stick it out.

I know. That conversation seems ridiculous to those that follow and play sports. But for Carter, this was new.

So he went to the game. His friend wore a UCF jersey. Carter wore his pug shirt.

They tailgated. Then, they threw their tailgating gear in the car so they could go into the stadium. That's when I received this text from his friend's dad: "We were packing and I looked over and Carter got in and buckled up."

My heart melted. Carter thought the "going to the game" process was over, even before he attended the actual game.

He didn't know. And that's okay.

He unbuckled, and they ventured into the stadium with 45,000 cheering fans.

When he came home, I asked him how he liked it.

"It was okay," he said.

"Do you want to go to another game sometime?" I asked.

"No," he responded.

And that's okay.

We have a full slate of Boy Scout meetings next week, anyway.

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  1. Good evening Brian! I hope you had a good day. Well I have never heard of boy, a guy, never liking sports, I love sports especially baseball, I am a New York Mets fan since I was a kid. And I love the New York Giant's. My whole family are fans as well. Maybe Carter will change his mind in time, he is still a child.He has plenty of time. And maybe his friends will keep on inviting him and he will loosen up. Or maybe sports are not so important to him. There will always be other interest. Either way it will always be his choice in what ever makes him happy. Well I guess this is all for now..I wish you a pleasant night God bless you and your family. Thank you for sharing your always there good stories.Gooodnight..M.Z.

  2. I feel your anxiety. Neither of my boys were 'sports minded'. I was just an 'average Joe' in my sports participation as a kid. So, it's not 'in their blood' to 'like' sports. But you know what, one of my sons is an Executive at Disney World now, and the other is now in High School administration, after being a teacher at a Charter school, and by coincidence, working at WDW for a time in the Animal Kingdom! So, just keep fertilizing the flowers and let them grow to their highest potential. And most of all, love them for who they are.

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  4. You know, I never really got the “art of tailgating”
    Let’s say a game is at noon: you wake up at 7am (on a Sunday likely) to go drink in a parking lot?
    Why not do it at the comfort of you home? Idk that’s my take on all this. I side with Carter!


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