Did Jesus Believe in Himself?

Dylan (2) stood in front of the crucifix. He stared at it. This Man, the Son of God, had blood dripping from holes in His wrists. His feet, the same. Thorns ripped apart His forehead. Blood droplets looked like red tears. His side was slashed. More blood.

Not all depictions of Jesus are the same. This was very detailed. Gruesome. Dylan looked and looked.

In my head, I rehearsed answers for what Dylan might ask. But never did I expect his question. "Dad. Do you have nipples like Jesus?"

That was his take-away?

He was little, but well versed in the Bible. His daycare was Christian. We went to church. We prayed. He knew Jesus. And in his mind, if that man on the cross was really the Son of God, then all the amazing stories from miracles to the resurrection  could be (and were) true. So, why question it further?

Yes, I know. You can tell a two-year-old many things, and if you do you so convincingly, they'll buy it. That theological battle aside, as a believer, I was taken back by the simplicity in his faith. I was envious. I questioned my faith constantly. He just questioned if my body was like Jesus's.

Dylan, 2010


When Dylan was five, he’d occasionally listen at church. During the Gospel, he perked up and asked, "Dad. Jesus was a Jew?!"

I responded. “Yes, He was.”

Dylan shot back. "If He was Jewish, did He believe in Himself?"

I tried not to laugh.

He suggested, "Why don't we just tell all the Jewish people about Jesus?"

Clever kid.

I love sharing that with my Jewish friends. My agnostic and atheist friends too!

Dylan & Carter, 2012


Dylan is older now. More in-depth questions have surfaced. And that's good.

But boy, I wish I could have the blind faith of a 2-year-old. Or the audacity of a 5-year-old.

And yes, I'd like to believe, I too, have nipples like Jesus.

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  1. My dear Brian I want to introduce you to my friend Tom Curran. I met him 25 years ago in the Diocese of Orlando Respect Life office where I worked. He is dad now to a very large family and he too struggles with the big questions. I keep in touch with him on his podcasts at mycatholicfaith.org and look for him if he comes back to Orlando to give talks at StMM. I used to go there too when I lived in Winter Park.


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